About Us

The company started with just 2 individuals of simplicity but with big dreams. 1 is with years of working experience in the largest and most dynamic cities in the world, London, United Kingdom. He manages restaurants and has great passion towards the hospitality industry. The other has flair towards interior designing, decorations, and a touch for exclusivity. He is always on the lookout for new designs and specialty in the world of arts & crafts. They were just 2 different people with profound passions and interests who knew that great opportunities come if they ride on each other. So together through much plans and financial support from other business partners, they were inspired to create and build the first Modern Latin American concept restaurant in the city of Klang called "The Shepherdoo Restaurant & Lounge” in year 2009.

From the success of "The Shepherdoo”, the company continues to be inspired to grow its love towards the hospitality industry by exploring other genre of restaurants and even forming its own catering services.

The Management believes that the key to success for the business is not just in providing varieties of food to its customers and meeting their needs of quality food at a reasonable price. It’s also in offering every customers that visits their restaurant or engages their services a memorable and pleasant experience. Therefore, the Management is committed towards motivating their staffs of all levels and empowering them to take ownership of the success of the business.

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